LED Display Screen & Intelligent Electronic Table Name Card Manufacturer

With nearly 10 years of experience and an advantageous location in an area known for key players in the LED light industry, we not only produce LED display screens, but we also offer intelligent electronic table name card. And the company has a core R&D team with over 20 years of rich experience, a professional technical team, advanced production and experimental equipment, and its modernization, scale, and standardization level are at the leading position within the industry.

Shenzhen GoodJob Display Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

Add.: 201, Building2, Mashantou Pigeon Farm, Mashantou Community, Matian Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen City, China

  • Custom Your LED Screen
  • Shenzhen GoodJob Display Vision Technology Co., Ltd. can customize all kinds of outdoor full-color LED sreen, indoor full-color LED screen and LED display screen, LED engineering screen and city lighting products according to customer's requirements. Our LED display is widely used in public squares, commercial advertising, banks, securities halls, government agencies, universities, stadiums, stage background and other fields.

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