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P2.97 Outdoor and Indoor LED Display Screen

Our P2.97 outdoor and indoor LED display screen is capable of delivering exquisite display quality and offering audience a good visual experience. It is popular in varied fields, such as outdoor advertising, government and enterprise engineering, cultural transmission, tourist publicity, sporting events, promotional video, real estate advertising and etc.

Pixel pitch 2.97mm
LED sealing SMD1515
Module resolution 84dots*84dots
Module pixels 7056dots
Module size 250*250
Usage Outdoor and indoor LED display
Module weight 6.75kg
Scan mode 1/21 scan
Waterproof level IP45
Cabinet size 500*500
Brightness ≥800CD/m²
Cabinet material Die cast aluminum
  • The cabinet size of the P2.97 outdoor and indoor LED display screen is 500*500mm, but the weight is less than 28kg per meter square.
  • The LED screen cabinet is constructed with die-cast aluminum through compression molding process, featuring high strength, toughness and precision.
  • The cabinet is compact in size, enabling high assembly efficiency, reducing labor intensity, improving work efficiency and saving working time.
  • This LED display screen adopts double converter current-sharing design to accommodate the harsh environment of either outdoor or indoor application, without getting black screen.

In addition to our P2.97 LED display screen, we also have more options of outdoor and indoor LED display screen to meet customers' application needs, such as P3.91 LED display screen, P4.81 large LED video display screen and LED dance floor display screen. As dependable LED display screen manufacturer and supplier with complete quality management system, we are dedicated to providing high quality LED display screens for global customers.

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