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Taxi Advertising LED Display Screen (LED Mobile Display)

Product Usage
Product Description

As a new mobile media platform, taxi advertising LED display screen can perfectly show advertisings flexibility.

As one of our patented products, taxi advertising LED display screen has following features:

1. P4 taxi roof LED display screen adopts SMD2727 high brightness outdoor LED lighting. Special energy-saving LED lighting systems can reduce gasoline consumption to improve vehicle’s service life;

2. P4 taxi roof LED display screen is ultrathin with only 8kg.

3. The screen has automatic full-color signal lamp, thus different signals could be conveyed with different colors, like, red light referring emergent braking, speeding or distress signal sent by driver.
4. Video animation, image, texts and many other messages could all be displayed in our screen, which was controlled by LED control system and could be played in certain areas with the help of GPS tracker.

Safety performance:
1. Whenever log on the system with your account and passport, you could upload advertising to our server, replace your ads, change advertising time, and check your advertising status.
2. If driver meet some troubles and is seeking for help, he could press the “Emergency” button, and then “SOS” or “Help” will be displayed on our display screen.

Specification Parameters
Lamp Configuration Arrangement Vertical
Pixel pitch 4mm
Pixel configuration 1R1G1B(3 in 1)
Lamp type SMD2727(chip 3:6:1)
Density 62500dots/㎡
Module /Cabinet Module size 320W×320H(mm)
Module pixel 80W×80H(pixel)
Cabinet size 100W×33H(cm)
Cabinet weight 8KGS
Cabinet thickness 3.8cm~10cm
Full screen Dead dots ≤3/100000
Gap of modules ≤ 2㎜
Best viewing distance 6-60m
Viewing angle Level 140°,Vertical 140°
Surface smoothness ≤ 2㎜
Color of screen surface Same without glisten
Uniformity 1:1
Power Using environment Outdoor SMD2727
Working humidity range 10% to 90% RH
Operating temperature range -20 to 65 ℃
Max power consumption 150W/㎡
Average power consumption 48W/㎡
Control system Control PC Windows, Andriod, Mac OS,Chrome,...
Control way Asynchronizes with PC/Mobile/Labtop/PAD
Control system Andriod +3G transfer
Full screen LED driving Constant Driving (1/10canning )
Refresh ³2000hz
Gray /Color 65536 Degree/256*256*256
Brightness ³ 4500 cd/㎡
Life time 100000 hours
Display content Video,Image,and others
MTBF ≥10000 Hours
Connecting Port Wireless 4G/3G/2G/Wifi
Communication media , control distance Wireless:50m-10000KM-Any Where
Protection Moisture, dust, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti lightning, with over current, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage protection function.
Software Use browser to access AIPS on web cloud.
Taxi roof led display details
LED module
Pixel pitch 4mm
Module Pixel 80*80dots
Module Size 320mmx320mm
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
LED Sealing SMD2727
Working Voltage 12V
Driving IC MBI5124
Scanning method 1/10scanning
Cabinet type size: 100x32cm
Cabinet size 980W×380H (mm)
Cabinet pixel 240x80dots
Net weight 8kgs/pcs
Module quantity 3x2x2side
Density 62500dots/㎡
Brightness 4500cd/㎡
Viewing angle H:140°/120°
Screen level ≤0.3mm
Module space ≤0.3mm
Max consumption 200w/㎡
Average consumption 48w/㎡
Frame frequency 60Hz
Refresh frequency 1200Hz
Cabinet with color light

Our design drawing advantages :
No cabinet frame inside;
Easy for setting;
Lower consumption;
Patented PCB board;
Patented design on cabinet;

GPS ads player task:
1. Choose the place that you want to display ads;
2. Find the point and then long press mouse until the icon appears at the point;
3. Left click this icon and name this place;
4. Choose the previous tasks and finish it.
5. When taxi arrives at the chosen place, taxi roof LED display screen will display the preset program.

TAXI Media:
Taxi roof led display is a new type of advertising media publishing platform, it has the advantages of flexible delivery, easy maintenance .
With the high brightness and high pixel, which can show clear photos and videos.
By 3g/4g Wireless controller and GPS real-time positioning, it is easier for you to control all of the advertisement on hand.
For driver’s safety, you can add the emergency button for Alarm. Wherever you are, your office is always in your hand.
We have exported to Poland/South Africa, Brazil, Chile/Kenya/Canada/USA/Philippines.

We are a reliable outdoor and indoor LED display screen manufacturer, offering taxi advertising LED display screen, there are many kinds of LED video displays like large stage background and floor LED display, stadium LED display, sports perimeter LED display, etc. As a LED advertising display manufacturer and supplier with complete quality management system, we provide quality full color LED displays and screens for global customers.

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