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P4.81 Building Outdoor LED Display Screen


P4.81 building outdoor LED display screen can be applied to outdoor backdrop display screen and floor tile display screen at the same time. We provide custom external current-sharing backup to guarantee that blank screen problems will never occur.

Optical Features
LED packaging SMD2525
Horizontal visual angle 140(+20/-20)degree
Vertical visual angle 120(+20/-20)degree
Brightness ≤4500CD/m2 (Black PC sheets with a transmittance 5%; plus PC sheet brightness is ≤225CD/m2)
Pixel spacing 4.807mm
Pixel density 43264Dots/m2
Pixel composition 1R1G1B
Panel resolution ratio 52*52=2704Dots
Cabinet resolution ratio 104*104=10816Dots
Drive mode 1/13(constant current)
Best viewing distance ≥5m
Attenuation rate (after 3 years) ≤15%
Panel dimension (L*W*T) 250*250*14.0mm
Panel weight 0.62Kg±0.02Kg
Physical Features
Cabinet dimension (L*W*T) 500*500*(65+8)mm(8mm is PC sheet thickness)
Cabinet weight 9Kg±0.2Kg(cabinet weight 6.8KG+PC panel weight 2.2kg)
Structural features Light and drive in one
Input voltage (DC) 4.5-5V
Maximum current 6.2A
Panel maximum power 31W
Maximum power (W/m2) 1000
Electricity Features
Average power (W/m2) 280-375
Average fault-free duration ≥10,000 hrs
Service life ≥100,000 hrs
Blind spot rate Less than 0.03%
Control mode Synchronous control
Service Environment
Service environment Outdoor
Storage temperature range -25℃ to 45℃
Storage humidity range 35% to 65% RH

1. P4.81 LED display screen cabinet dimension is 500*500mm while its weight is only 6.8kg;
2. The cabinet adopts die-casting aluminum mold which has features of high strength, high tenacity and high accuracy. Its thickness is only 65mm;
3. The LED display screen adopts high gray-scale and high refresh design. Its refresh frequency is over 2880Hz;
4. It features excellent heat dispersion and overall no wire design, and adopts gold plating connectors so that its products are reliable and safe.

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