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P6 Outdoor Department Store Commercial LED Display


Joint errors of P6 LED display screen modules are controlled within ±0.1mm to make it easy to be installed. The P6 outdoor LED display can be made into any shape to meet client's requirements. High definition brings exquisite display quality and delicate colors. The P6 LED display is mainly applicable to outdoor buildings' wall, street lamp bracket and other advertising projects.

Name Parameters
Pixel 6mm
Module pixel 32x32dots
Module size 192192*23mm
Pixel configuration 1R1G1B
LED Sealing SMD2727
Working voltage Dc5v
Module power 71.5w
Driving IC MBI5124
Scanning method 1/6scanning
Cabinet: 768x1152mm (backside door)
Material Steel
Net weight 48kgs/pcs
Cabinet pixel 128x192dots
Size 768x1152x90mm
Module quantity 2x4pcs
Density 27777ots/m2
Brightness 5500CD/m2
Viewing angle H:120°
Max. consumption 700W/m2
Average consumption 230W/m2
Frame frequency 60Hz
Refresh frequency 2400Hz
Gray grade 14bit
Control system Microsoft XP, WIN 7 (support shanghai xixun, linsin )
Work temperature -20℃ - +70℃
IP grade IP65/IP65
Package details
Gross weight with package (kg) 114kg/ 48kgs net weight (2PCS /case)
Packge size 1740*280*790 mm (2 pcs /case)
Package material Wooden case and pp bag

Cabinet type for customer choose
1. Without frame
2. With frame like IPHONE
3. Color: silver & black

The software controller
1. 3G wireless System
2. Web or App
3. GPS time calibration
4. Synchronization difference on all panels not more than 0.05seconds.

What if...
1. Important messages/Public announcement can be delivered in real-time.
2. City can be bright & clean 24/7 all year round without maintenance and cost.
3. Citizens can interact with authority by pressing a button
4. With the 3G card to control all ads in mobile, IPAD, PC.
5. With the power from public. Rent the street from government. How to convince the government?
6. Free public messages from local government/council
7. Pay the power consumption to government.
8. Built a rescue fund from the benefit of the ads.


1. Exquisite Quality: Our company uses non-linear correction technology on the screen so that the image effect is exquisite and clear. Not only is the animation effect vivid and diverse, but the video effect is also smooth and lifelike.

2. Good Flatness: P6 outdoor department store commercial LED display feels soft if touched by fingers. The P6 outdoor department store commercial LED display has good flatness;

3. Wide View Angle: P6 outdoor department store commercial LED display has wide view angle of 140°and each LED highly consistent with others, as well a a larger visual angle in both horizontal and vertical views, which makes P6 outdoor department store commercial LED display applicable for occasions with wide horizontal distribution or with large height drop.

4. Live Broadcast: The P6 LED display can support DVI, HDMI, 3G/HD/SD three-speed SDI high-definition display mode, and it is suitable for television video programs, VCD or DVD, live scene and other indoor venues.

5. No Formatting Restrictions: As for the format, the user can arbitrarily arrange display modes, and the P6 outdoor department store commercial LED display can display text, graphics, images, animation, and video information, while at the same time the amount of data displayed is not restricted.

6. Qualified Materials: Our company adopts high-quality LED display chip design, and thus the P6 outdoor department store commercial LED display has small package, high brightness, wide angle, and anti-static features.

7. Synchronous and Asynchronous Compatibility: Synchronous control and asynchronous control can be supported at the same time, and P6 outdoor department store commercial LED display can still displayed normally even in the case of computer failure.

8. Circuit Board Stability: The circuit board uses wave soldering technology and it has solder mask, so that it can prevent the moisture and oxidation from harming circuit to improve the service life.

9. Waterproof Test: The LED cabinet will be tested by water treatment before shipping, and the caninet is completely waterproof front and back. And in order to cope with the normal operation of outdoor all-weather environment, the waterproof level is set high.


We are a reliable outdoor and indoor LED display screen manufacturer, offering P6 outdoor commercial LED display for department stores , there are many kinds of LED video displays like large stage background and floor LED display, stadium LED display, sports perimeter LED display, etc. As a LED outdoor commercial display manufacturer and supplier with complete quality management system, we provide quality full color advertising LED displays and screens for global customers.

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